Lesson 1: Evolution of JAV Industry

  AV may be thought to exist for a very long time, but actually, it was born in 1981 and its history is not so long.

  By the way, there is also the word back video, but this is something that has not been mosaicked and you can see genitals, etc. The video without mosaic is called back video, and the DVD without mosaic is called back DVD.

  When we call it "adult video" we mean one that is generally distributed, mosaicked and legally distributed.

  The history of AV is short, but it has changed dramatically since it was born. after all, technology has been highly developed in the last 30 or so years, and along with that, equipment used for AV policy has also been developed.

In addition, since the age and now the barrage standards are changing, and the distribution, population ratio, and people's awareness of gender are also changing, so there is no reason not to change.

In addition, since these elements that bring about changes in AV are currently undergoing further evolution on an ongoing basis, it may be said that AV is also evolving daily.

As being living beings, everyone is interested in sexuality from the instinct of preservation of species, and the adult industry has been regarded as an industry that is not influenced by the times.

However, the recent adult industry has entered the dark period.

Not only AV but also other adult media, such as erotic books and sex shops, is said to be in a state of the poor economy to say that it is said that the sex industry cannot be recovered.

In particular, the blow to erotic books is a serious thing.

About ten years ago, when the Internet was not so close yet, erotic books were indispensable for men in the world.

Erotic books have occupied an important position in the publishing industry.

But now the Internet has become familiar to everyone.

If you use a smartphone, you can easily use the Internet, and you can look at erotic images and videos as many as you search by using words related to sex.

There are very few reasons to purchase erotic books on purpose, and the disappearance of erotic books is a matter of time.

In this way, the sex industry is in full swing of deflation.


Many of the people involved in the AV industry, including AV actresses, are suffering from the recession that they have not experienced in the past, and are in dire straits.

According to one theory, the market size of AV is said to be 400 billion yen and 500 billion yen.

As mentioned above, the industry that accompanies sexual desire is not influenced by the economy, and the world has been considered strong even in times of recession.

However, if you investigate the actual situation, you can not but say that this recognition is no longer old.

First of all, the market size of ¥ 40 billion to ¥ 500 billion is doubtful, and the difference in a recession is actually cut off.

This trend has not appeared in the past few years.

The market size of the AV industry has been declining for more than 10 years, and AV sales have not been favourable.

Since 2000, AVs legally available for sale have been divided into the industry by DMM Group, Soft On Demand, and Prestige, and management rationalization has progressed significantly.

During the 34-year history when the AV industry was booming, VCRs were rapidly distributed to homes, and the number of rental video stores increased rapidly in response to the trend, from the late '80s to the early '90s. It is only a year.

After that, following the AV maker which wholesales AV stores also AV, cell AV became proud with the form of selling AV directly to users.

During this time, the AV industry began to expand as the crackdown on suspicious and illegal media was relaxed.

This flow continued until around 2002.

The peak of this period is around 2000, but at this time there were hundreds of AV manufacturers.

Because the market size was so large, the number of manufacturers was also very large.

Hundreds of AV companies will spend more than a decade and be refined.

In other words, in the downturn industry, manufacturers without power will go bankrupt, disappear or be acquired, are grouped, and in those flows, will be consolidated into three companies: DMM Group, Soft On Demand Group, and Prestige. It became a matter of course.

This is a process of oligopoly, and these three companies occupy about 80% of the market.

However, sales were weak, and the DMM group said that it was 12.9 billion yen (FY07 2013) and the soft on-demand group was 14.3 billion yen (2014) (though there is no prestige data) Because it is the industry third place, it will be less than this).

The combined market of these three companies is about 40 billion yen, and there are other videos and pirated version sales, so the AV market size is at most about 50 billion yen if you include them.

 The market size is about this despite the fact that it is a well-known industry where there are no strangers in adult video.