Vr Porn Videos On Your PsVR

Sony PlayStation owners, we have an amazing news for you guys. ‘LETTLSTAR’,  a VR content player available on the PlayStation Store.  You can enjoy our VR videos on your PS4.

  1. Download Littlstar VR Cinema App from the PlayStation Store
  2. Create a folder named ‘LETTLSTAR’ on the USB Flash drive or HDD hard drive. (Drive Format must be FAT32)
  3. Download a VR video from www.jvrporn.com
  4. Rename this VR video file like this : video_filename_180_sbs.mp4
  5. Copy the this VR video files to the ‘LETTLSTARfolder.
  6. Open the Littlstar VR Cinema App on your PS4, find the videos in the Library and  launch the video and enjoy the amazing experience.

   *Highly recommended to use faster external drives.