VR Porn Threesome Reviews #97: The Japanese Mother-Daughter Affair

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When we get our daily fix of VR pornography, the content we choose to watch is mostly a part of the Western sex culture. While there is nothing wrong with this popular choice and there are thousands of hours of high-quality immersive virtual reality footage to explore from it, we tend to overlook some Eastern gems. And I’m not talking about Eastern Europe, I’m talking about the part of the world that mystifies sex and turns it into an art for delivering and receiving pleasure.

As open-minded porn consumers who pretty much embraced the new and rather strange way of enjoying the adult content, it’s paramount to remain curious and always up for experimentation with the strange and unknown.

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You know you’re dealing with far-Eastern pornography when the genitalia get censored in pictures. Don’t worry, though: it’s all there in the video. Image credit: Sex Technique Training

Japanese porn is a genre in itself, as it takes the Western format for adult entertainment, but gives it a cultural twist that always keeps us fascinated. From manga and the weird hentai with tentacles, and all the way to the intense hardcore films with extra cute shyness, there’s a lot to see and experiment with. Everything Japanese requires a particular state of mind and expands the perception and knowledge of sexuality to whole new levels.

Trying Japanese content is like having a couple of sushi rolls after years of consuming hamburgers: surprisingly good, memorable, and potentially your new favorite dish.

Also, it took some time until Japanese porn as a genre (and not just an assembly of performers put together by Western studios) would make a leap to VR, as there is a large crowd of enthusiasts who constantly look for new thrills and all-time highs. There is always room for oriental content under this umbrella of immersive adult content, and the Japanese producers are more than welcome to teach us a little bit about their own understanding of sexuality.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what this new Japanese studio, JVRPorn, has to offer.

“Sex Technique Training” by JVRPorn

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the “J” that proudly stands as the first letter of the studio’s name is an abbreviation for “Japanese.” It’s supposed to be a new type of sex that gets depicted according to our Western standards and expectations, and there is no way such a novel kind of content can disappoint. After all, there isn’t much that it can get compared to, except for our regular standards.

threesome reviews japanese mother daughter affair jvrporn vr porn blog virtual reality

Get ready for an excellent film about a mother who teaches sex to her young and inexperienced daughter. Image credit: Sex Technique Training

But just because this is a new type of virtual reality porn with new elements, doesn’t mean that it cannot be classified: the film that we’re laying our eyes on right now relies on a pretty well-established narrative of a mother who teaches her daughter how to handle a cock. Much like the series I entitled “The Mother-Daughter Dilemma” (probably the most popular sub-genre of VR porn), today’s Japanese production involves a MILF, her daughter, and a hard cock.

The well-versed mother who shares her experiences with her younger daughter is the legendary Japanese AV idol, Miwako Ikeda: a woman whose G-cup breasts, gorgeous brown eyes, and mesmerizing gaze have twisted the minds of Eastern audiences for years! Clearly, she plays the role of a more dominant and possessive lady whose work on the cock is second nature, but Miwako brings a unique degree of sensuality and innocence that is specific to Japanese women.

On the other hand, there’s the extremely innocent and literally wide-eyed Miho Tono, a lady who exudes the kinky type of inexperience. This petite and tight 26-year-old brunette plays the role of the unpractised teenager who needs some lessons before blossoming up to become the whole package (much like her mother).

Here’s something to really look for: the blowjobs are unusually intense and noisy

threesome reviews japanese mother daughter affair jvrporn vr porn blog virtual reality

There’s a lot of passion in the blowjobs and you just have to see for yourself how the ladies move and act in order to understand what’s so special. Image credit: Sex Technique Training

Sucking dick was never such a literal term, and your senses will be hypnotized by the sucking noises you hear inside your headset. In Western films, oral sex is usually just a prelude to the hardcore part and a way of demonstrating the high degree of submission that the lady displays. However, this Japanese film shows a lot more sensuality and passion for every moment.

You will genuinely think that Miho Tono has been dreaming of sucking cock for all of her life, and it’s a privilege that her mother takes her time to teach proper techniques. On the other hand, Miwako Ikeda munches on the hard meat pole with an intensity that leaves the impression that she has been waiting for such a great penis to express her wild side on for quite some time.

The keyword for all the cock-sucking action that takes place in front of your eyes is “craving”: it genuinely feels like Miwako and her cute daughter are both enamored with your sexual potency, as well as hungry for your generous physical offering. To them, you are a fantasy that comes true, and the reason why they can express their wild side in such an intimate setting.

It should be noted that JVRPorn hasn’t bothered to turn Miho into the step-daughter, just to avoid the rather controversial idea of committing an incest. At the same time, there is no physical sexual interaction between them: they only touch each other as long as it’s necessary in order to fulfill the teaching purpose. Everything else is all about you and your pleasure.

Though there is only one hardcore sexual position that’s featured throughout the film, the extra amount of sensuality and the excellent acting make up for everything

After all, this really makes sense: if it’s a sex lesson, then you wouldn’t expect the rookie daughter to get screwed in every imaginable position. You have to take it slow with her, she has to understand the dynamics of sex, how she should move on top of the penis, and how to express herself in a way that’s mutually arousing.

threesome reviews japanese mother daughter affair jvrporn vr porn blog virtual reality

Though the cowgirl riding is short and sweet, there is a lot of incredibly-arousing masturbation to make up for it. Image credit: Sex Technique Training

Furthermore, in the context of the Japanese culture, it makes sense that the focus is just one element that gets polished and gets displayed in an artistic state of near perfection. It’s not about quantity and this clearly isn’t a competition with other studios that offer a lot more in terms of diversity: if you’re watching this, then you will feel turned on and overwhelmed by the amount of passion and seeming affection.

If anything, it appears that Miwako Ikeda and her gorgeous on-screen daughter Miho Tono are making love with your hard cock. They’re adoring the meat pole to an extent that can’t be described by words, but can be felt through the intensity of their face expressions. No succession of words can do justice to their intimate way of showing their affection, and you really have to watch the film to understand what I’m talking about.

The fact that they communicate in Japanese and don’t attempt to be commercial and open to the English-speaking market makes the film feel a lot more authentic and intimate. It’s not a bad attempt to rip off something else, but a genuine lesson that a MILF teaches her young daughter.

Body language and face expressions also play a big role in telling the story, and if you can’t understand any of the words, it’s very likely that you will pay much more attention to these gestures. It’s worth noting that masturbation is used as a transitional element as if the ladies are keeping themselves turned on by rubbing their vaginas while the other one handles the cock.

threesome reviews japanese mother daughter affair jvrporn vr porn blog virtual reality

Beauty and a sensual attitude make up for the lack of nasty hardcore moments. After all, we’re subjected to a little bit of cultural relativism. Image credit: Sex Technique Training

Also, in the true spirit of teaching, it’s the experienced and well-versed mother Miwako Ikeda who takes the splashing cumshot on her large breasts, as a way of showing the more innocent Miho Tono just how she’s supposed to satisfy a man until the very end. It’s very fitting that the daughter looks surprised and curious about every small move and element, as her acting strengthens the narrative and provides much more authenticity.

As a matter of fact, the performances of both Japanese babes are stellar: Miwako is as dominant and controlling as she can be but maintains a degree of calmness of decency that’s specific to the Japanese culture. Unlike American women, she doesn’t express herself as loudly and appears as if she partially refrains her instincts, just to display what truly is unique and genuine. She doesn’t overact or overreact but does everything the way she feels like.

Conversely, Miho Tono is the perfect untrained and unlearned student who gets her sex instruction. The moments when she rubs the thick cock and analyzes its texture are simply adorable and feel like the real kind of exploration a young lady would do if she was given the chance. I’m pretty sure that it’s something every teenager does and I’m certain that men do analyze vaginas for the sake of acquiring knowledge on how to better satisfy them. Miho is an incredibly beautiful performer who deserves a lot more credit and acknowledgment on the Western markets: she’s so pretty that she could just stare into the camera with her big dark eyes, and that would still look stunningly great.

“Sex Technique Training” is our introduction to Japanese virtual reality porn and a great way to observe just how great and sensual sex can be in the far East. Congratulations to JVRPorn for entering the Western market, and we wish them best of luck in their activity! This film gets a 9.5/10 rating and an enthusiastic encouragement.

threesome reviews japanese mother daughter affair jvrporn vr porn blog virtual reality

Welcome on the market, JVRPorn! May you delight our senses with such high-quality content for a long time! Image credit: Sex Technique Training

East Asian sex is very special and deserves a lot more recognition. That’s exactly why JVRPorn deserves its spot on the rather oligopolistic market of virtual reality porn, as we all need an escape from the conventional American format (that even the European studios emulate). It’s always refreshing to step away from routines and discover new ways of expressing sexuality and creating pleasure.

This mother-daughter video is unlike any other I’ve seen so far and delivers a ton of passion, sensuality, and love. The ladies are a lot classier and don’t display that wild and untamable side that American ladies have. The Japanese kinkiness is displayed in other ways that aren’t as nasty and direct.

I do with that the film featured more diversity, but that wouldn’t fit with the narrative. Maybe that the MILF, Miwako Ikeda, could have ridden the cock in more ways just to show her daughter how it’s done. But there is nothing to complain about, though. “Sex Technique Training” is unlike most VR porn films, and in a good way. You have to see it to believe it, so you better get ready for a culture shock that expands your sexual horizons! Sayonara!